GOLDEN TULIP reception lounge

The floor is parquet with a large white carpet. On top is a blue sofa with white cushions and a small storage chest next to it. In the background are the lifts, which have gold doors. A tapestry with a gold band for the lifts. There are 2 white pillars. In the middle of the 2 lifts there is the switch to call them. Behind the armchair there is a table with a white leg and on top of it a magnificent sculpture with rounded effects. The top of the table is shiny black glass. In the background on the right is an employee working on her computer. To her right is a door and a corridor. Above her is a brown straw chandelier. To the left of the chair are 2 small decorative pillars. And the structure of the room is made up of 2 large white pillars. The employee works behind the counter, which is white with a light brown top.